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I call this the “Throwback to the Time Tropical Smoothie Let Me Work There for 3 Days Smoothie.” Whatever, working there was terrible any way.

If you’re not in to sharing every bite of your food or sip of your drink, lay your kid down for a nap before you make this, as with anything you want to semi-enjoy in peace.


(Let’s be serious, time is limited. You don’t need to measure anything)

  • Frozen strawberries
  • Frozen peaches
  • Half a banana
  • A couple spoonfuls of greek yogurt
  • Sugar

Add it all to the blender and crank it up.

If you just woke your napping kid up by using the blender, add some vodka and turn it back on.

If you decided sharing is caring, skip the vodka and make sure the fruits and yogurt are organic.


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I might be in the minority, but clutter drives me insane. Literally–crazy! I feel like my mind is cluttered and I can’t think. I start yelling a lot more than normal. Then I usually stop, look at my surroundings, and realize that my house isn’t neat and organized the way I prefer it to be.

There is just something inside me that thrives on organization. However, having two small kids the organization part gets lost sometimes. I don’t have animals because I don’t want an extra mess to clean up at the end of the day. (edited to add: I lost my mind and got a puppy.)

I started doing some reading and discovered the principles of minimalism would be beneficial for me to follow. Having less stuff leaves less opportunity to create messes (since the mess can only be as big as the items it encompasses). Having less stuff means having more space. Having less stuff means organization comes a lot easier. Having less stuff and less messes means more free time because you aren’t spending it cleaning, organizing, and taking care of all that extra stuff. Sign me up!

There is no guide-book on minimalism (there’s actually a lot but you will find that they are all different). An extreme minimalist only possess the bare minimum needed for survival. Most extreme minimalists can fit all of their possessions in their backpack! If you have moved before, you probably know that you don’t ever want to do it again. That’s because you have so many possessions that it becomes a gruesome task. It takes some people 6 months to unpack all of their belongings simply because that much stuff is overwhelming! Think about how awesome it would be to just be able to throw on your backpack and move. There’s a lot less stress involved when less stuff is involved.

Example: If 4 people live in your house, you don’t need 50 towels! (Go ahead, count them! I did and was shocked–we had 48!) We now have 12 towels which is still a little more than we need, but it’s a number that works well for us since I only do towel laundry once a week.

In the future you will see posts about me getting rid of mounds of stuff during one of my minimalist binges and I just felt like I needed to give you a little back story first.

Does the idea of having less stuff intrigue you? Here’s a few of my favorite minimalist things:

I first heard about Tegu Blocks a year ago, but once you see the price you might go into shock. However, fast forward to a few days ago when I had a moment of weakness and purchased a set for the girls. They are basic wooden blocks and planks with magnets embedded in them so they can connect. I will do a review after the kids (me) have had time to play with them. This is the set we purchased:

Along with this car just because…

The wheels on the car are also connected with magnets, so they can be removed. I wonder how long it will take for the girls to lose one.

Here are a few other Tegu sets and accessories that are available:


If you’re like me then you probably lack the enthusiasm to do general things that “adulting” requires. Grocery shopping ranks next to laundry on my list on chores I hate to do. I always have piles of laundry lying around (not sure if they are dirty or clean because after a while they just mix together) and few groceries in the house. Let’s face it, hauling two young kids to the grocery store is a daunting task in itself. Pair that with the fact that I have to actually look presentable and no thanks.

So hopefully you can understand my excitement when I discovered Shipt this week! You download the app, pick out the groceries you want, choose a delivery time, and BAM! Your grocery shopper goes to Publix (Kroger in a few areas), picks your groceries for you, and shows up like a little fairy on your doorstep with all the goods. It’s like magic and I love it! Delivery times can be within as little as an hour.

The cost? $14/month or $99/year for unlimited deliveries (even multiple in the same day). If you compare their prices to the stores actual prices, you will notice they add a small premium, but this is explained on their website. After all, they are a business. It’s still totally worth it to me and the price difference is nominal. You also can’t use coupons currently, but they do advertise and honor Publix’s weekly BOGO and sale prices. As long as you order $35 in groceries, delivery is free.

I placed my first order two days ago. Delivery was on time, my entire order was correct, and she even texted me during her shopping trip to let me know that they were out of an item and asked if I would like a substitute. You have the ability to tip your shopper through the app afterwards.

Definitely check this app out! If you use my referral link, you can get a $10 credit: